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How to Cook Delicious Instant Pot Shrimp




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To cook shrimp in your Instant Pot, you need to know how to heat it properly and when to start cooking. The following tips will help you make delicious Instant Pot shrimp dinners. You can also read our articles on recipes, the Steaming basket, and using frozen shrimp. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below. I hope these tips will help you cook shrimp in your Instant Pot in no time! And, don’t forget to share your experience with us!


Whether you are craving a simple shrimp recipe or you’d like to try a new one, an Instant Pot can help you cook a delicious dinner. Shrimp is an excellent option for a quick weeknight dinner. It cooks in just a minute! It also tastes great when paired with a flavorsome pasta dish! Many options are available, including fajitas and paella, which are great for weeknight dinners.

If you’re using frozen shrimp, cook them at low pressure. Large or colossal-sized shrimp should be cooked for one minute, while smaller shrimp should be cooked for two or three minutes in the saute mode. The cooking time depends on the size and type of shrimp. Check the shrimp’s color and remove any shell fragments before cooking. After this, you’re ready to add the shrimp to your dishes.

Instant Pot Shrimp

Time to cook

Once you have purchased your new Instant Pot, it’s time to figure out how long to cook your shrimp. There are a few ways to cook shrimp quickly and easily. One way is to add water and a steamer basket simply. This can take up to five minutes. Another option is to boil the shrimp in a medium saucepan. While it may take longer, this method will ensure that your shrimp will be tender and juicy when you’re ready to serve them.

To get the best results, use low pressure for the cooking process. This will help prevent overcooking the shrimp. It’s important to note that if you use jumbo shrimp, you’ll have to extend the cooking time by 5 minutes. You can also use frozen shrimp instead of thawed. Once cooked, you’ll be surprised at how juicy and tender they are! Aside from being extremely easy to prepare, Instant Pot Shrimp can also be made in a matter of minutes.

Steaming Basket

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own steamed shrimp, you’ll be happy to know that the Instant Pot can steam shrimp in just a few minutes. You can use a large pot with a lid if you don’t have a steaming basket. To use the steaming basket, place the shrimp in the pot and add 1 cup of water. Set the pot to “steam” and cook for 1 minute.

Place the steaming basket inside the pot to cook your shrimp, leaving two inches of clearance above the liquid. Add some seasonings and vegetables to the pot, as well. After the shrimp are steamed, you’ll need to bring the liquid to a boil. Make sure the liquid is as flavorful as a soup broth – almost too delicious to eat by itself! Once the liquid is boiling, remove the steaming basket and discard any excess water.

Shrimp Scampi

Using Frozen Shrimp

When using frozen shrimp in an Instant Pot recipe, the key is to follow the manufacturer’s directions for cooking the seafood. If you’re using extra-large shrimp, cook them at zero time and low pressure until they reach a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Using fresh shrimp, use the Saute mode and set the Instant Pot to either water or fish stock. Once the shrimp are cooked, remove them from the Instant Pot and serve them over a bed of spaghetti, rice, or cauliflower. Grate some parmesan cheese over the top if you like.

Then, prepare a medium saucepan. Ideally, you should use a medium-sized pot for this, but a large pot can be used if you want to cook more significant numbers of shrimp. Use 3 cups of water and three teaspoons of salt. Adding half a lemon’s juice is an excellent addition. You can also add peppercorns and parsley if desired. Cook the shrimp until they are pink, about 5 minutes. Once done, you can serve them cold or at room temperature.

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